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Maeve is the best coach I've ever worked with hands


Before working with her, I was going round in

circles trying to grow my business in a way that felt

authentic but I was chasing every avenue without

any focus.

Now, I 'm not distracted by every shiny object or

one size fits all, gimmicky tricks that make me

feel out of integrity...

Instead, I am now completely focused and

knowledgeable on the dos and donts for my vision

for my business...from offering to ideal client to

marketing and sales and my actions are strategic

and well thought through.

Maeve is 100% behind me and the success of my

business; her support is incredible and at the same time, she calls me on the B.S. thinking I need to let go of. She is kind and challenges you all at once.

My biggest aha has been the power I have as the CEO of my business to make conscious choices and run things my empowering!!

Sinead Rafferty

Here's What You Get:

  • FOUR one on one, personal private sessions with Maeve, to map out and create your evergreen course business.

You'll Also Get:

Niche Selection Simplified

  • The Voice Note DM Sales System
  • The Coaching Offer Catalyst
  • The Audience Attraction System
  • The Go To Expert Accelerator
  • The Micro Course Sprint



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Maeve Ferguson the CEO of Maeve Ferguson Coaching and International Bestselling author of Yes I Can.

She has been featured in Forbes for her Proprietary Approach to scaling online ~ The Evergreen Machine Blueprint.

Maeve champions Experts just like you, to create their Evergreen Lifestyle Businesses, so that they can work less than ten hours a week and truly be present with their families.