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Episode 10- Working And Serving Clients One-to-one Is Keeping You Stuck

June 30th, 2021

This episode is for you to have that aha moment, where you realize that your one-to-one coaching or consulting is actually a process, and then any process can become an online course.

Listen, what we're going to be talking about today is going to make or break your results online. And thinking that your expertise is too unique, to allow you to scale with online courses, is actually holding you back from living your dream life of freedom.

And I get it because I have been there too. I have argued in the past that my one-to-one coaching and consulting is too bespoke to be able to convert it to online courses.

I tried to convince myself that all that was possible was working one-to-one, trading time for money. But that belief caused me so much pain, overwork on it, waste time that I can never get back.

Working and doing and working, find a client, delivered to client, find another, deliver to another, on and on at once. To make more I had to work more.

I have created my own business to live a life of freedom. Here, I was chained to my laptop, no better off than I had been in my corporate pass.

I was an overwhelmed expert. Can you relate?

If you think about it, what you're really saying is that believing one-to-one is all that is possible for you. Is more important to you than having an online course business that gives you all the freedom and impact in the world.

Where in life the staying trading time for money, get you these results. Probably nowhere, right? Why is it so common for coaches and consultants to continue to trade time for money? Coaching one-to-one? Turned on for your services even done with your services? Do you deal with this too?

What if I showed you a way to actually shift from the one-to-one model to a full Ascension model of online programs faster by stopping trading time for money?

I know it might be hard to believe that taking a step back from one to one is going to help you but hear me out. When you take that step back. And you map out your step by step process that you take your clients through. You have the skeleton of your first online course. And then as you build out your customer journey and a full Ascension model of online courses, you will wonder how to fill these programs.

You do these leveraging industry gurus where your audience of ideal clients raise their hand to you daily through your social profiles, phones and automation along with webinars and training series allow clients to join your programs. Year-round fundamentals of the expert accelerator effect. It makes sense right?

No more trading time for money. No more hustle and grind. No more working until your eyeballs bleed. Sounds good, doesn't it? Because three things matter as you move through this journey, roadmap alignment, tactical tenacity, and power performance.

And when they collide, you're able to live as a CEO on fire. But you have a life of freedom, impact, revenue, and empowerment. It is so simple.

When you look at your offer how you take your current clients through the one-to-one process. You may not look at it as a process at the moment but stand back from it. And literally, you're taking them through step by step by step to move from point A to point B.

Essentially, each of those steps become your modules. Within each of those steps is going to be a breakdown. I call them focus points, other people call them lessons. And this is then what you take, and you map out the skeleton of your online course, it is much easier than you think it is.

So that's my challenge for you today. So I want you to let me know either at, that you've gone ahead and done this, or over an Instagram @iammaeveferguson.

Words of Wisdom:

"Thinking that your expertise is too unique, to allow you to scale with online courses, is actually holding you back from living your dream life of freedom."

Words of Wisdom:

"What is the point of building a business if you are too exhausted to enjoy the freedom and the revenue that it provides?"

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