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That's Because There’s No Shortage Of Problems In The World

Problems that could be fixed for many, if they just got connected with the right people who could help them.

And if you’re like most experts, you’ve spent thousands upon thousands of hours (and probably dollars) honing your skills.

Imagine how many people you could help by sharing what you know.

How many problems could be solved... struggles alleviated.

Working with Maeve Ferguson has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Her coaching and programs have given me a clear strategy and the right guidance and support to Build My Business, Grow My Audience, Generate Leads, Make Sales, and Create My Own Offers and Programs.

~Denise, Certified Physical Intelligence Expert & Course Creator

Turning Your Expertise Into Profit Has Never Been Easier

Especially When You Remove The GuessWork

The 4 steps to creating your Profitable course

Design it

Turn your knowledge into the high-demand solution that makes it irresistible to buyers (even in a crowded marketplace)

Build it

Productize your expertise allowing you to exponentially increase your impact and profit... while minimizing your working hours

Test it

Ensure success and profitability by using our proven metrics to track your numbers effortlessly

Optimise it

Plug it into our proven system to automate sales bringing your expertise to the masses (and creating a profit generating machine)

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3 Ways To Work With Us


Access Our Proven Processes And Strategies By Diving In, Taking Action, And Getting It Done Yourself

Take the guesswork out of what to do next. You set the pace

while still getting the reassurance of following our proven processes in our DIY option.


High-level Support with customized Feedback on Your Course and how you market it

Choose our high-touch option for high-level support, including customized reviews of your offer and marketing messages. The perfect blend of access to experts for questions, accountability

so you get to market faster, and personalized feedback on your course.


Bring Your Expertise And We’ll Handle The Rest

Outsource the setup, build, and creation of your marketing message so you can focus on CEO-level activities. When you

value your time most, this is the ultimate easy button.

Get Access To Our Plug and Play Processes And Systems

That Enable $30K In Sales A Week...

Hi, I'm Maeve...

And I’ve helped hundreds of people package up their expertise and turn it into profit...

And even more importantly, leave their mark on the world.

See most experts recognize they have a wealth of knowledge and experience that could help a lot of people.

They just don’t know how to connect with those who need it.

That’s where my expertise comes in.

I’ve Created Every Single Step, Process, Metric, Or Asset Needed To Bring Your Brilliance To The Masses.

Including how to market your course and yourself as an expert.

Simply bring your expertise and I’ll take care of the rest.

Together, we’ll make sure you create a lasting impact.

Featured On More Than 20 Podcasts Including:

Whether You Want To Help Individuals Or In A Business-To-Business, Corporate Environment...

We’ve got you covered

Want to help individuals directly?


Want to help individuals directly?




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