Your Expertise Can Impact More Than a Mere Few

There’s no reason not to leave your mark by sharing

your expertise with those who need it (and would gratefully pay for it)...

Hi, I’m Maeve...

If you’re an expert in one area or another, you likely already know that your knowledge can help people.

Maybe it’s mostly been benefiting your employer up until now.

But you’ve probably already realized, there are more people who could use your help.

That’s exactly why I created The Expert to Profit Formula™.

Because you can’t take your expertise with you when you go...

So why not start sharing it with people who need it most, right now?

I have had many coaches and gone through many programs and not one has ever been so direct, seen the vision, and EVER guided me the way Maeve has.



Home Baking Business Expert

& Course Creator

Everything you need to be successful...

Whether you’re starting from scratch packaging up your expertise or ready to scale your existing business, your systems determine your success.

That’s because the right systems:

  • Allow you to replace yourself with automation, freeing up dozens of hours
  • Generate a constant flow of potential buyers funneling towards your course and offers to work with you
  • Build awareness (and desire) by setting you apart as THE solution people need
  • Streamline the delivery process so you don’t re-invent the wheel with every customer
  • Measure (objectively) what’s working and what’s not so you can fast-track your ability to maximize profitability and impact without wasting time

Proven processes + scalable systems (- uneccessary fluff) = Results

But let’s be VERY CLEAR...

This is NOT:

  • Slimy “bro-marketing” sales tactics and scripts that are sprayed all over the internet these days
  • “Push this button and you’ll be a millionaire by Friday” empty promise nonsense

Because it doesn’t work like that.

And that’s not a surprise, is it? You’re smart enough to see through that kind of hype-y, too-good-to-be-true, spouting off at the mouth.

Of course, there’s some work involved in packaging up what you know and putting it out in the world.

But it doesn’t need to be hard. And it doesn’t need to take you long to set it up.

And if you’re like me, you want the fastest, proven path. Because I’m guessing you’re busy.

Which is why after working with hundreds of experts and testing all the methods in my business, I created a formula. I’m a systems and numbers girl, after all.

So all the guesswork is removed. No more trial and error.

And that has proven to make all the difference.

Mined for advice and featured in Forbes...

How To Sell Online Right Now—

From Women Who Are Doing It Successfully


I only teach what works. I only teach what we have the data to back up

Being an ex-accountant, I’m all about the numbers and what I have learned is...

the data never lies.

Within minutes of speaking with experts, it’s clear where they’re stuck. When you know the formula, it’s easy to see what’s not working and why.

So what's stopping you from turning your Expertise into Profit with online courses?

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