The Maeve Podcast is hosted by Maeve Ferguson - widely considered as a leader in scaling online businesses. She’s coached Experts all around the world for many years and in this podcast you’re going to start learning how to build and scale your online business.

No millionaire by Friday fakery, no hype, because this podcast is a combination of Real Strategy, World Class Tactics and CEO Mindset all rolled into one to take your business to levels you’ve never thought possible.

If you’re wanting clarity on your niche and offer, have leads raise their hand to you daily and world class secrets about how to create and fill your online programmes, then this podcast is for you, because you’re going to start learning how to scale, with ~

The Expert Accelerator Effect:

3 Keys to move from Overwhelmed Expert, to CEO on F.I.R.E. ~ Where you live a life of Freedom, Impact, Revenue and Empowerment.

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Episode 31

In today’s episode, we unpack your FIRE goals and how to create them - what matters and what to focus on!

We dive deep into Freedom, Impact, Revenue & Empowerment and how these FIRE goals fit into The Expert Accelerator Effect.

Episode 32

This is the episode for you if you want to know how to get your ideal clients coming to you using your social profile.

In this episode, we will dive into why organic lead generation is the most important thing in your business.

Episode 33

In this episode we dive into the power of group coaching, both for you as the entrepreneur and for your clients experiencing the power of your group coaching.

Episode 34

This is the episode for you if you have not been getting as many coaching clients as you desire. You know you can help transform so many lives, but each week feels like a ‘spray and pray,’ hoping for your posts to get a like or a love, hoping for someone to say yes to you.

Episode 35

This is the episode for you if you find yourself looking for an external reason as to why things aren’t going the way you want.

In this episode, we dive into where in life you take personal responsibility and where you don’t and what to do instead.

Episode 36

This is the episode for you if you haven’t been speaking your truth, or find that no one is engaging with what you have to say. Maybe you have been hiding for fear of backlash/ online trolls…

Episode 37

This is the episode for you if you want Freedom in your life but your job or business is not giving you that. You crave being able to set your own schedule, you dream of the days where you aren’t trading time for money.

In this episode, we dive into what you want 2022 to look like and how to ensure that you have a business model that gets you there.

Episode 38

This is the episode for you if you haven’t yet been able to pinpoint your zone of expertise, or if you haven't been getting the clients into your business that you want.

In this episode, we dive into you and your brilliance, your raw talent, what you love and how these combine to create one factor in your niche choice.

Episode 39

This is the episode for you if you haven’t been getting clients queuing up to work with you if you aren’t 110% sure what they want, or if you don’t know what your competition is offering.

In this episode, we dive into how to keep up to date with your market, know how your offer compares and truly understand the depth of what your ideal clients want.

Episode 40

Time for another episode in our new Niche series!

As you listen to these series unfold, you’ll start to realise that identifying a gap in your industry guru’s offers is critical to having leads say yes to your offer over and over again.

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