The Maeve Podcast is hosted by Maeve Ferguson - widely considered as a leader in scaling online businesses. She’s coached Experts all around the world for many years and in this podcast you’re going to start learning how to build and scale your online business.

No millionaire by Friday fakery, no hype, because this podcast is a combination of Real Strategy, World Class Tactics and CEO Mindset all rolled into one to take your business to levels you’ve never thought possible.

If you’re wanting clarity on your niche and offer, have leads raise their hand to you daily and world class secrets about how to create and fill your online programmes, then this podcast is for you, because you’re going to start learning how to scale, with ~

The Expert Accelerator Effect:

3 Keys to move from Overwhelmed Expert, to CEO on F.I.R.E. ~ Where you live a life of Freedom, Impact, Revenue and Empowerment.

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Episode 41

Time for the final episode in our new Niche series!

As you listen to these series unfold, you’ll start to realise that being in a niche where you have alignment, is critical to success.

Episode 42

Today we dive into our new Offer Mini-Series!

As you listen to this series unfold, you’ll start to realise that having an Offer that leads simply have to say YES to, is critical to success.

Episode 43

Things we discussed in this episode: How do we make our offer a must-have offer, how do we survey our market and then realise who is ready, who we need to speak to and how can you articulate the journey that they will go on with you, in a way that you get the ‘head nod’ effect.

Episode 44

So many try to create the ‘perfect offer’ at their first attempt. But trust me when I say, your offer will evolve over time.

As I mentioned in today’s podcast episode, I look back at my first few offers and shudder! How clunky they were, how unpolished. But guess what, they got me started and got me the momentum that I needed to get to where I am.

Episode 45

In today’s episode, we uncover what the CEO on FIRE must do when listening to their market.

The first thing to consider is - why does it matter to listen in the first place?

Episode 46

Are you positioned as a Global Expert in your niche?

Expert positioning is simply vital when it comes to scaling your coaching programmes online.

Why? Because it is 2022. There are so many options out there for your ideal client. There are red waters and you must stand out from the masses.

So, a question that I always love to ask new clients is - would you buy from you?

Episode 47

Are you captivating your audience with your content?

Today we are going to be diving into segment two of our organic lead generation series - captivating content.

Episode 48

Building your audience of ideal clients leveraging industry gurus.

Today I am sharing with you the secret sauce of scaling organically… What is it? It is being able to build your audience leveraging industry gurus.

Episode 49

Today we uncover how to bring your ideal client off the social platform and onto your email list, where you can grow, know, like, and trust.

We do that using our Gifts process and this is where you provide value for your ideal client, but it is value with a point!

Episode 50

Hey and in this week’s video we dive into the first segment of our Sales mini-series and the first thing to do is uncover the RDE Sales process.

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